Product catalogs

In your publisher dashboard you can create your own product catalogs. A product catalog is essentially a way to group multiple products into 1 catalog. 

We have 2 types of catalog: 

  1. Manual Catalog (manually maintained)
  2. Dynamic catalog (saved search)

Once products are grouped in a catalog, you can use that catalog in a few different ways. More about that at the end of this article.

You can find your product catalogs by clicking on products in the main toolbar


Catalog overview


The catalogs in “My catalogs” are custom created catalogs. 

Creating a catalog

Manual catalog

You can create your own catalog by scrolling down to the bottom of the catalog list, and clicking on the “Create” button.


You can then give your catalog a name and description.


Once a catalog is created, you simply drag & drop products into the catalog.

You can also select multiple products at the same time, and add them to multiple catalogs by clicking on the “Add to catalogs” button.


Dynamic catalog

In addition to manually creating catalogs, it’s also possible to dynamically save a search into a catalog.


You can search for whatever you want, scroll down, and in the bottom right corner you’ll see the   “Save search” button. This allows you to save your search as a catalog.

The big benefit here is that if Monotote or the retailer ever add new results to this particular search, they’ll automatically be added into this catalog.

Deleting a catalog

Hover over your catalog name in the left-side facet until the pencil appears. Click the pencil, and a modal will open . Here you’ll find a delete button.


Using catalogs


Use your custom catalogs on your Monotote pages. For example:


Embed shop

Use your custom catalogs to generate embeddable shops. Here’s an example:


Plugin: you may also like

Our plugin, by default, will show “Similar products” for a given product. “Similar products” will return the retailer’s suggested products if the retailer has this option available.

However, this setting can be overruled in preference to adding your own products from one of the catalogs you have created. 


  • In settings go to “You may also like”, and click on the “Similar products”  drop down menu. Change the setting to “Show self selected products”. Choose from the selection of catalogs, including the ones you just made yourself!
  • There is also an option to choose related products: In this setting we will do an internal search in Monotote for your activated retailers that match the same category/color etc.and create a selection for you. 

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