Enrich your website content with real-time product information

Leverage the full power of the Monotote platform, and enrich your website with real-time product information, and auto-tagging with your affiliate links.

Here's a short guide on how you can do that. But first, let's take a look at how it could look. 


How it originally looks:



How it looks after the real-time pricing has been applied:


How does it work?

There are a couple of ways of installing this on your website.

First of all, the Monotote plugin needs to be installed on your website. The dynamic product updates don’t require enabling a specific feature in the plugin settings. Our plugin is smart enough to detect/listen to specific HTML properties.


A few examples:

  • <mnt-price sku="$product_sku"></mnt-price> autofills the price of the given sku
  • <mnt-price href="$product_url"></mnt-price> autofills the price of the given product url
  • <a href="$product_url" mnt-price-format="%p">[price]</a> becomes <a href="$product_url" mnt-price-format="%p"><mnt-price sku="$product_sku"></mnt-price></a>
  • <a href="$product_url" mnt-price-format="%s: %p">Awesome dress</a> becomes <a href="$product_url" mnt-price-format="%s: %p">Awesome dress: <mnt-price sku="$product_sku"></mnt-price></a>
  • <a href="$product_url#mnt-price=s:+p">Awesome dress</a> becomes <a href="$product_url">Awesome dress: <mnt-price sku="$product_sku"></mnt-price></a>
  • if no href or sku is set at <mnt-price> it looks up to the closest <a> with href and takes that as product url to search:
    <a href="https://www.thehut.com/redken-curvaceous-cream-trio/10811004.html">Redken Curvaceous Cream Trio <mnt-price>123$</mnt-price></a>
    <a href="https://www.thehut.com/redken-curvaceous-cream-trio/10811004.html">Redken Curvaceous Cream Trio <mnt-price>£30.65</mnt-price></a>


What product values are supported?

  • $product_url can be a original product url, an affiliate url, or a custom tracking / short url. As long as there’s a product url at the end.
  • $product_sku is the Monotote product SKU (can be found in our dashboard)
    %s is original html
  • %p is <mnt-price> tag
    everything else is printed as is in case of #mnt-price hash in product url
  • s is the same as %s
  • p is the same as %p
  • + is a white space
    everything else is printed as is
    when the plugin sees #mnt-price in product urls, it removes that piece of hash, so user will get urls without this hash when they click on links
    in case of search engines, they ignore hashes in urls
    if the product url has a hash already (for a retailer) and a publisher wants to bind #mnt-price, it can be simply added to the end of url

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