How do I add a video tag?

Select “+New Shoppable Video” in the upper right corner of your dashboard and it will bring you to the shoppable video wizard.

First, you will need to enter an video name that is representative of this video. 

Then, go to your website and click on the video desired to copy the video embed code”.  Once completed, just click back on the Monotote website to paste the video embed where designated.

Note: If you get an error message “The URL has already been taken”, this means that you have already tagged this video.  In this case, you will need to edit the existing shoppable video in order to add additional product buy buttons.

Once you’ve selected to “Add a Buy Button”, the video will load instantly so that you can start to tag products. Use the scrubber bar underneath the video to pick a time in the video to tag.  Drag a tag icon onto the video and position it where you like.  Then, proceed to enter the amount of seconds that you wish for the hotspot to remain visible in the video.  To test your timings, you can deselect the icon tag and play back the video.

Once you’ve added a buy button to your video, select “Launch Product Browser” to search for a product to link to this buy button.

You can search by a specific retailer if desired by selecting from the drop down menu next to the search box. With your search, you will see a summary of products by retailer to select from.  Once you have selected a product, you will be brought back to your shoppable image and that product will be listed for the current buy button.  You can then add more buy buttons to this image or click “publish” to make this image shoppable.

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