First of all, make sure the Monotote shopping cart plugin is installed on your website.
Now go to the “Generate shoppable link” section and start creating your shoppable link.

Now, there are a couple of ways to share this on Facebook. We’ll discuss them here.

  1. Facebook Shop
  2. Facebook Offers
  3. Facebook Posts: link to your website
  4. Facebook Posts: link to the Monotote hosted shop

Go to your Facebook page.


Facebook Shop

Click on the “Shop” button in the menu on the left hand side.


Click on “Add Product”


Fill in all the fields


When published, this is what people will see.


And when they click on the “Check Out on Website” button, you’re driving traffic and a potential customer to your website.


Facebook Offers


Click on “Create Offer”, fill in all the required fields & upload a photo.


Publish the offer and view it on your Facebook page.


When people click on “Shop Online”, the product will automatically open with your product on your own website.


Facebook posts: link to your website

If you enter the shoppable link in your private Facebook “create post” form, you’ll see that it’s not showing you anything about the product, only about your website.

The reason for this is that Facebook is gathering this information from the source-code of this page, where as the Monotote product is not in your website’s source-code, but loaded asynchronously to keep things smooth.


TL;DR: if you want to show product info in the Facebook preview, scroll down to the next tool.


While it is certainly possible to share this, it’s not recommended.
Therefore, Monotote has developed an alternative that we call, a hosted Monotote product page.

In the Monotote dashboard, you can toggle a button that decides where the shoppable link is going; either to your own publisher website, or to the hosted product page.

The hosted product page will always ensure that the Facebook preview will match the product that is going to be opened.

Facebook posts: link to the Monotote hosted shop

Again, simply paste the shoppable link into the Facebook create post box: https://bit.ly/2yexIua
And here’s a preview of the result.


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