First of all, make sure the Monotote shopping cart plugin is installed on your website.
Now go to the “Generate shoppable link” section and start creating your shoppable link.

You can choose whether to direct the online reader to your own publisher website, or to our hosted marketplace. You can also add multiple products to 1 link.

Simply create a "shoppable link" via the Monotote dashboard:, choose a name and select the desired destination. You can always change these settings, even after your unique link has been generated.





Now, there are a couple of ways to share this on Twitter. We’ll discuss them here.

  1. Link in bio
  2. Tweets

Go to your Twitter profile.


Link in bio

Everyone can add a link to their bio. Use this spot to link to a shoppable product. When people click on this link, your website will automagically open with your products.



Simply copy/paste your shoppable link in your tweet box, and you'll notice the preview info is automagically populated.



When people click on this tweet, your website will automagically open with your products.



Or if Monotote hosts the landing page:


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