How to use preview images

Preview images allow a publisher to place a logo on their front page which indicates that certain articles within their site contain shoppable content. The concept of preview images sprouted when a couple of our publishers (mostly news related websites) wanted to point out that some of their articles would have shoppable content but did not want to have the buy-buttons on their frontpage.

And so the concept of preview-images was born. You can now display a small logo on your front page to indicate shoppable content.

Currently, you can assign up to 3 preview images to a single shoppable and should you need to assign more, you can contact us and we will maximise your allowance.


Preview image:



When you click on the indicator logo in the top right corner, you would still see the products that are linked to the article.



Here’s the shoppable image on the article page:



How to set this up in the Monotote dashboard:


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