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While it is very easy to install the Monotote plugin into any website, we also created a Wordpress plugin, to simplify the process even more.


Downloading and installing

First, download the plugin by clicking the link below, make sure you remember where you put it!

Download Monotote Wordpress plugin

Next, go to your WordPress site and login in. Select ‘plugins from the left hand menu, at the top there should be an option to ‘add new’ – click that.

You will see a new page that lists a whole bunch of plugins, at the top there should be an option to ‘upload plugin’ – click that.

It will ask you to ‘choose file’, click that button and select the Monotote WordPress Plugin zip file from where you saved it. All you have to do then is install it!

Getting the publisher key

To make the plugin work, you need to copy the ‘publisher key’ from your Monotote Dashboard.  The Embed page contains the key, it’s inside the code – as shown below.


Once you have made a copy of the key, go to the Monotote WordPress Plugin and paste the code in the space provided…


Once you have entered the key, click ‘save changes’.

Testing it out

To ensure everything is ok, you can validate the plugin via your Monotote Dashboard.  You can also visit your own site and Monotote should now be visible.

If you have any problems with installing the plugin or would like someone to do it for you, then please get in touch.

Open source

We've chosen to open source our Wordpress plugin @ https://github.com/monotote/plugin_wordpress, so feel free to send in improvements whenever you want.


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  • Just installed WP plugin. Installed easily. Hopefully on 29 Oct 18 the products I have tagged in my blog for M&S will come up.

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